About Us

The ACA is a not-for-profit, membership Association which disseminates information on corrosion and its prevention or control by providing training, seminars, conferences, publications and other activities.


Corrosion is managed sustainably and cost effectively to ensure the health and safety of the community and protection of the environment.


Assisting society to manage the impact of corrosion on asset durability.


Integrity, Informative, Diligent, Supportive, Innovative


The ACA will achieve its vision by focusing on four strategic priorities:

  1. Membership: Develop and reinforce the member value proposition to drive growth and enhance retention
  2.  Training: Expand training offerings at home and overseas
  3. Advocacy & Communication: Articulate and advocate the value of Corrosion Prevention and Management (CPM
  4. Governance: Consolidate financial resources to support a healthy ACA

In support of ACA’s vision and priorities, the  2017-2019  Strategic Plan  provides a clear focus and direction.

Our Constitution is the document that determines the way the ACA operates and the bylaws are created for the proper control, administration and management of the Association’s affairs, operations, finances, interests, effects, and property.

Board of Directors

Dean Wall (Chair)
Kingsley Brown
Graham Carlisle
Peter Dove
Allan Sterling
Brad Dockrill
Di Brookman
Chris Badger

The ACA Board Charter sets out the duties and responsibilities, structures and process of the Board of ACA.  The ACA Audit, Finance & Risk Committee Charter as well as the Governance Committee Charter also set out the duties and responsibilities of these sub-committees of the Board.

Board members are elected by Council which consists of; a President and two Vice-Presidents, two Council members appointed by each Branch Committee each year and the Public Officer.

President – Matthew Dafter
Senior Vice President – Huw Dent
Junior Vice President – TBA

The Council Charter sets out the core roles for the Council, how it is structured and how it works.




Wesley Fawaz – Executive Officer
Ross Boucher – Business Delvelopment Manager
Lucy Krelle – Events Manager
Suzzanna Selvey – Accounts
Tracey Winn – Marketing & Communications Manager
Skye Russell – Training & Education Manager
Bianca Reardon – Branch & Events Assistant