• Thursday, August 12, 2021
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

COVID-19 Update, 12/07/2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in NSW, the Newcastle Branch has decided to postpone this event until a later date.
All registrations for the event will remain valid for the rescheduled date when it is set.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Newcastle Branch of the ACA would love for you to join us for this featured technical event featuring a guest presentation on Lifecycle and Durability of Protective Coatings from Justin Rigby, Principal at Remedy Asset Protection. This event will benefit all interested parties, whether you are an asset owner, work in the field, manager, engineer, contractor, student or even an interested party. I encourage you to join in on the event with open ears. This event promotes great networking opportunities as well as provides insight within an industry with the bonus of being able to learn and expand on what you know. We look forward to seeing you there!

Guest Speaker

Justin Rigby  – Principal (Remedy Asset Protection)

Justin is the Principal at Remedy Asset Protection (you can read more about them below) and has extensive experience in the Protective Coatings industry developed over 25 years. He is a NACE CIP lecturer, Icorr Level 3 inspector, Level 2 Bridge Inspector and serves as Chairperson of two of the ACA’s Technical Groups. Justin has authored a number of papers for publication in prestigious journals and has presented at international conferences and in Australia with regard to concrete protection and coatings technologies. He has a passion for project delivery and his focus is on introducing efficiencies and building team-based strategies with enhanced performance and cost benefits for Clients and their suppliers.

Presentation Overview

Lifecycle studies are undertaken to consider the whole cost of a structure including initial construction, maintenance and sometimes deconstruction or repurpose. Durability is the useful life of a material in performing its intended function.
In protective coatings we consider lifecycle costs in terms of initial application, maintenance and refurbishment until the end of required service life. Durability in terms of how long the coating will provide corrosion protection. Durability for protective coatings can be ascertained where there are project history’s that go back 60 years or more. Reliable information for steel structures exposed to;
• Atmospherically are provided in Australian Standard 2312.1
• Galvanized steel atmospherically exposed in AS 2312.2

However, there are no standardized durability ranges for;
• Coatings on concrete
• Coatings in immersed environments.

This presentation will provide case studies where lifecycle analysis is performed on steel and concrete structures protected by coatings. The discussion will also include where durability ranges can be obtained.

Event Details

Registration includes a sit-down dinner.
required at the venue.
Social distancing and strict attendance restrictions apply.


Attendee List

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Our Featured Partner

Our featured partner for this event is Remedy Asset Protection.

Remedy Asset Protection is a NATA accredited consultancy for Clients that require specialists in protection or refurbishment of concrete and steel assets to provide expert assistance within their own team structures, including; condition assessment, project advisory and independent auditing including coating inspection services.

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