• Wednesday, June 9, 2021
    5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

The marine environment is one of the harshest settings in terms of causing the corrosion of metal structures and components. The next event organised by the Victorian Branch of the Australasian Corrosion Association will be a webinar with a focus on marine coatings and technology to minimise problems caused by the corrosion of marine structures. Hear from three leading industry experts, including suppliers and engineering consultants, on issues and recent advances in this important area.



Peter Dove (GHD) – Rust never sleeps… Sharing a few corrosion scenarios you may need to know about

Peter is the team leader for the Victorian Materials Technology Group and Technical Director –Materials Technology for GHD, with over 35 years of experience in all aspects of protective coatings and coating related issues. Peter is skilled in coating application audits and corrosion condition auditing of major assets with an extensive background in project and man management of protective coating projects. Peter is experienced in developing and implementing coating specifications for major organizations, and in coating failure analysis and rectification.

Presentation Overview

With the cost of corrosion estimated at 3.4% of the global Gross Domestic Product, in Australia with its GDP estimated at A$1.7 trillion as of 2021, that’s over $54 billion dollars lost each year because, as Neil Young told us in 1979 rust never sleeps!

By using available corrosion control practices, at the design, construction and maintenance stages it is estimated that savings of between 15 and 35% of the cost of corrosion could be saved. That’s 8 to 19 billion of savings in Australia each year. The high cost of corrosion has been known for years through awareness, understanding and planning the cost of corrosion can be managed and reduced. With his presentation, Peter will seek to increase awareness of corrosion issues in marine structures by briefly discussing a few corrosion-related scenarios. Particular topics that will be covered include –Abrasive blast cleaning and painting steel structures, Accelerated low water corrosion, Cathodic Protection why and where it works, Pile and HDPE sleeves and Failure analysis on Nav beacon that fell over.


Kyle Fortune (Denso) – Denso SeaShield 2020SP – When the Long Term Matters

Kyle Fortune is the Technical Representative from Denso looking after the Victorian and New Zealand market and has been in the industry for 4 years. During his time with Denso, he has been involved in infrastructure projects across multiple sectors including the oil & gas (pipeline), marine, water and civil industry. Today he is here to present on Denso’s new sheet pile wall protection system, the SeaShield 2020SP system.

Presentation Overview
 Globally there are thousands of kilometres of sheet pile wall installed in harbours, ports, marinas and channels. This is where Denso have identified an opportunity in the market as there are limited engineered systems, outside of blast and paint, for the splash and intertidal zone. Many sheet pile wall assets will need corrosion protection within the next 20 years as these paint systems break down or the corrosion allowance’ is consumed and the structure is extended beyond its initial design life. Current corrosion protection methods (e.g. paint coatings) are very expensive and are typically only applied to the sheet pile from the lowest astronomical tide (LAT) The opportunity now exists to switch the ‘standard practice’ in sheet pile corrosion protection from paint coatings to petrolatum systems – similar to the switch that is well underway on circular/discrete piles.


David Anderson (Universal Corrosion Coatings) – Jetty pile protection systems

David Anderson is Sales Manager at Universal Corrosion Coatings and has occupied senior management roles in coatings companies over 30 years. In this time he has developed an unparalleled expertise in the design and customisation of coating systems for pipelines, structures and Jetty Piles. In his presentation, David will give us a review of coatings system development for long term corrosion prevention on Jetty Piles.


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