The ACA has Branches managed by a local committee of members who conduct local ACA activity.

All ACA members are automatically allocated to their local Branch when signing as a member

Newcastle Branch Committee

President Igor Chaves
Vice PresidentKaren Swain
Secretary/TreasurerNiranda Wright
Events CoordinatorDave Blackaby
Past President
Simon Krismer
Robert Freedman
Bill Livingstone
CommitteeDavid Nicholas
CommitteeJim Hickey

New South Wales Branch Committee

PresidentWilliam Ward
TreasurerJack McLean
SecretaryMichael Barone
Past PresidentBlane McGuiness
CommitteeMohammad Ali
CommitteeAlan Bird
CommitteeGary Bennett
CommitteeAtef Cheaitani
CommitteeSteve Faulkner
CommitteeMichael Karlaftis
CommitteeDominic Boin

New Zealand Branch Committee

PresidentPatricia Shaw
Vice PresidentMatthew Vercoe
SecretaryMark Sigley
TreasurerWillie Mandeno
EducationWillie Mandeno
Membership OfficerHanieh Ghominejad
Technical/ElectrolysisRaed El Sarraf
Technical/ElectrolysisMark Sigley
EditorLes Boulton
ACA CouncilPatricia Shaw
Willie Mandeno

Queensland Branch Committee

PresidentMurry McCormick
Vice PresidentJason Paterson
SecretaryGabriel Gonzalez
TreasurerJohn Triebbe
Councillor 1Wayne Burns
Councillor 2Bob Phang
YCGPaul Larkin
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South Australia Branch Committee

PresidentHannah Watchman
Vice PresidentDaniel Fosdike
Honorary SecretaryDennis Richards
Honorary TreasurerSteve Sutton
Past PresidentSam O’Neill
Committee MemberAlex Shepherd
Committee MemberAdam Levi
Committee MemberGeorge Hobbs
Committee MemberHuw Dent
Committee MemberNathan Dalton
Committee MemberChristine Schulz
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Join the Tasmanian Branch Group

Tasmania Branch Committee

PresidentMark Jones
Vice PresidentKarlo Poslon
Secretary/TreasurerRob Billing
Past PresidentGrant Weatherburn
CommitteeDean Wall
CommitteeBasyl Jakimow
CommitteePeter Johnson
CommitteeChris Davis
CommitteeGregory marshall

Victoria Branch Committee

PresidentCandice Blackney
Senior Vice PresidentScott Wade
Junior Vice PresidentWayne Neil
TreasurerRichard Brodribb
SecretaryAdrian Vinnell
Immediate Past PresidentDean Ferguson
Committee MemberJames Burton
Committee MemberDave Anderson
Committee MemberPhil Vimpani
Committee MemberJessica Lyndon
Committee MemberGary Bunn
Committee MemberPhilip Basil
Committee MemberMohammad Qureshi
Committee MemberSarah Furman
Committee MemberPeter Dove
Committee MemberGraham Sussex
VIC YCG Committee Chair
Timothy Khoo
VIC YCG Committee MemberDominique Veloso
VIC YCG Committee MemberHannah Pollock
VIC YCG Committee MemberKyle Fortune
VIC YCG Committee MemberDymock Dibb

Western Australia Branch Committee

PresidentRhiannon Easdon
Immediate Past PresidentJohn Grapiglia
Assistant Branch Events Coordinator, WA Councillor (President)Vahid Afshari
Membership Officer, WA CouncillorGraham Carlisle
Secretary Assistant YCG FocalWinton Ley
PublicationsBrian Kinsella
Committee MemberFikry Barouky
YCG Focal, WA CouncillorPhil Schmidli
Financials, EducationDavid Sloan
WA Branch Events Coordinator
Katerina Lepkova
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