The ACA is divided into 8 Branches spread out across the Australasian region. These branches are each overseen by a local committee of volunteer members who are responsible for coordinating local ACA activities and initiatives. Every new member is automatically allocated to their local Branch when they sign up with the ACA and these groups are the heart of our association. The volunteer committees that oversee these branches are vital to the ongoing success of The ACA and we are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated group of individuals giving back to our community. 

If you would like to reach out to your local branch, each branch has a designated contact person listed below, just hit the “Contact Me” button of your desired branch, submit your details and a representative will be in touch.

Newcastle Branch

Position Name Branch Contact Person
Branch President Niranda Wright Contact Me
Council President Igor Chaves
National Councilor A Robert Freedman
National Councilor B David Nicholas
Branch Past President Igor Chaves
Branch Vice-President Jim Hickey
Branch Secretary/Treasurer Bill Livingston
Branch Events Dave Blackaby
Committee #1 David Nicholas
Committee #2 Robert Freedman
Committee #3   Karen Swain
Committee #4   Robert Jeffrey

New South Wales Branch

Position Name Contact Person
President William Ward
Vice President Rodyney Wynyard
Treasurer Jack McLean
Secretary Michael Barone
Membership Officer & Councillor Gary Bennett Contact Me
ACA Board Member Blane McGuiness
Committee Member Dominic Boin
Committee Member Alan Bird
Committee Member Mohammad Ali
Committee Member Yann Brochet
Committee Member Steve Faulker
Committee Member Atef Cheaitani
Committee Member Michael Karlaftis
Committee Member Adam Hockey
Committee Member Gulraiz Ijaz

New Zealand Branch

Position Name Contact Person
President Matthew Vercoe Contact Me
Vice President Ry Collier
Secretary Mark Sigley
Treasurer Willie Mandeno
Education Willie Mandeno
Membership Hanieh Ghominejad
Technical Raed El Sarraf 
Electrolysis Grant Chamberlain
Editor Les Boulton
ACA Council Matthew Vercoe
ACA Council Willie Mandeno

Queensland Branch

Position Name Contact Person
President Murry McCormick Contact Me
Vice President
Treasurer John Triebe
YCG Javid Nadem
Membership Officer Wayne Thomson
Events Coordinator John Triebe
Councillor 1 Wayne Thomson
Councillor 2 Bob Pang

South Australia Branch

Position Name Contact Person
President/Councilor Daniel Fosdike
Vice President Christiane Schulz
Treasurer Steve Sutton
Secretary Dennis Richards
Membership Officer Adam Levi Contact Me
Events Coordinator
Councillor Hannah Watchman
Councillor Daniel Fosdike
Committee Member Andrew Twinning
Committee Member Michael Carson
Committee Member George Hobbs
Committee Member Nathan Dalton
Committee Member Sanjay Shah
Committee Member Neville Phillis

Tasmania Branch

Position Name Contact Person
President Rob Billing
Vice President Basyl Jakimow
Treasurer Not Filled
Secretary Not Filled
Membership Officer Dean Wall Contact Me
Events Coordinator
Councillor 1 Dean Wall
Councillor 2 Mark Jones
Committee Member Mark Jones
Committee Member Dean Wall
Committee Member Greg Marshall
Committee Member Chris Davies
Committee Member Grant Weatherburn
Committee Member Karlo Poslon
Committee Member Peter Johnson

Victoria Branch

Name Position Contact Person
President Scott Wade Contact Me
Senior Vice President Wayne Neil
Junior Vice President
Immediate Past President Candice Blackney
Treasurer Richard Brodribb
Secretary Adrian Vinnell
YCG Representative
Councillor 1 Richard Brodribb
Councillor 2 Scott Wade
Committee Member James Burton
Committee Member David Anderson
Committee Member Jessica Lyndon
Committee Member Julie-Anne Latham
Committee Member Philip Basil
Committee Member Peter Dove
Committee Member Sarah Furman
Committee Member Graham Sussex
Committee Member Mohammad Qureshi
Committee Member Gary Bunn
Committee Member Phil Vimpani

Western Australia Branch

Position Name Contact Person
Branch President Scott Gaebler Contact Me
Publications Fikry Barouky
Past Branch President Rhiannon Easdon
WA Councillor Rhiannon Easdon
Secretary Winton Ley
YCG Assistant Winton Ley
WA Committee member Rob DeGraaf
Branch Membership Officer  & Education Officer Graham Carlisle
WA Councillor Graham Carlisle
Technical Events Katerina Lepkova
Events assistants Fikry and Sri
Social Events Scott Gaebler and John Grapiglia
Financials David Sloan
Vice President TBA in 2022
YCG Sri Kambhampati
WA Committee member Vahid Afshari
Council VP   Vahid Afshari
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