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Founded in 2017 to represent the needs of specialist contractors in industries that serve the protection or restoration of corrosion affected structures throughout Australasia, including New Zealand. These include companies and individuals in; concrete protection, applied concrete floor finishes, concrete repair, hazardous…

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The ACA is a not-for-profit, membership Association which disseminates information on corrosion and its prevention or control by providing training, seminars, conferences, publications and other activities. Vision Corrosion is managed sustainably and cost effectively to ensure the health and safety of the…

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The ACA has Branches managed by a local committee of members who conduct local ACA activity. All ACA members are automatically allocated to their local Branch when signing as a member


ACA is governed by a Board of Directors that are elected from members of Council. Current Directors Council consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents, two Council members appointed by each Branch Committee each year and the Public Officer. Council Our Staff