The ACA NSW Branch hosted a unique Q&A webinar session on cathodic protection of steel-reinforced concrete structures, featuring six industry-leading guest speakers. Our guest panel discuss impressed current, hybrid, and sacrificial CP systems as well as some related topics submitted by the audience.

Featured Panelists

David Whitmore (Vector Corrosion Technologies)
President & Chief Innovation Officer
Winnipeg, Canada
Philip Karajayli (AECOM)
Associate Director – Asset Management
Sydney, NSW
Frank Papworth (BCRC/PCTE)
Director & Principal Engineer
Perth, WA
John Grapiglia (CCE)
Regional Manager & Principal Engineer
Perth, WA
Ian Godson (Infracorr)
Director & Principal Engineer
Melbourne, VIC
Bruce Ackland (Bruce Ackland and Associates)
Principal Corrosion Consultant
Melbourne, VIC
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