The ACA will be running the first Australian four-day AMPP CUI course in Perth commencing the 26th April 2022. This course will give students a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of preventing, managing and inspecting CUI.

CUI is a severe form of localized, external corrosion that most commonly occurs on insulated carbon and low alloy steel and stainless steel equipment that operate at high temperatures at or below 80°C. CUI is most prevalent in the chemical/petrochemical, refining, offshore and marine/maritime industries.

The course was designed to be applicable for anyone working within an industry affected by CUI. Job titles may include but are not limited to:

  • Specifiers and Designers
  • Metals, Coatings and Risk-Based Inspectors
  • Coating Contractors
  • Maintenance personnel and project engineers
  • Manufacturers of insulation materials and equipment
  • Unit managers involved in CUI

Anyone working within an industry affected by CUI is encouraged to Register. We look forward to seeing you there.