Dean Ferguson

dean_fergusonMy name is Dean Ferguson, current Senior Vice President of the ACA Victorian Branch.

I have been a member of the ACA since 2008 when I joined as a student.

The ACA has become an important part of my life in the decade since, and I am now hoping to be trusted with the opportunity to serve as a board member.

I am nominating myself for the ACA board because I am passionate about our Association. I believe I can provide a valuable contribution to both corporate governance and to the strategic direction required to achieve our goals.

In my professional career, I am an experienced corrosion and durability engineer with experience consulting Australia wide. My current role requires a significant involvement in company management, including overseeing marketing activities and contributing to both financial management and business development.

In the last 12 months I have assisted the board with the development of its strategic plan, and attended other board meetings as an observer; this experience ensures that I am aware of the role and responsibilities of an ACA board member.

In 2017 I will complete a Masters of Business Administration, and I believe the skills and knowledge I’ve learned, combined with my professional experience, will enable me to successfully serve our association.

Thank you for considering my nomination.