The AC Kennett Award is awarded each year to the best paper presented under the auspices of the ACA that deals with corrosion or degradation of non-metals such as polymers, polymeric coatings, composites and concrete.

Award Criteria

The following is a list of some of the points which may be taken into account when selecting the paper to receive this Award. The selection committee will rank each paper on a short list against these points:

  • The paper could be a review of published material, or describe the results of original and novel research work, or detail a relevant case study.
  • The paper must deal with an area of interest to ACA Members, be clearly written and easy to read.
  • The paper should provide an understanding of how the non-metallic materials discussed in the paper degrade or corrode.
  • Any experiments outlined must be explained with full details.
  • Any results should be clearly presented and adequately discussed.
  • The paper must provide clear concise conclusions based on the information, data or evidence included.
  • Referencing should be in accordance with formatting requirements listed in the Author Guidelines’

Award Winners

1984A EatonNew Zealand
1985S Witorek & F KolodzieNewcastle
1986D PostinsNew Zealand
1987R J Good, G C Moore & W J Wojciak
1988D A HillsNew Zealand
1989A Kairaitis
1990No Award Given
1991P Lepoutre, C Stirlink & V Van Tilburg
1992L Marahusen, P Schweinberg & S KokotQueensland
1993Fred SalomeNew South Wales
1994Neil Trebilco
1995W Green & M NahasWestern Australia
1996Willie MandenoNew Zealand
1997No Award Given
1998F Andrews-Phaedonos, F G Collins, W K Green & A M Peek
1999No Award Given
2000Peter HaberechtVictoria
2001Dennis HillsNew Zealand
2002No Award Given
2003No Award Given
2004Zhao, Liu & Northwood
2005Julian BleddynWestern Australia
2006Sue Freitag & Sheldon BruceNew Zealand
2007Peter HaberechtVictoria
2008Andrew PeekWestern Australia
2009Brent MartinNew Zealand
2010Robert JeffreyNewcastle
2011Frederic Blin & Sarah FurmanVictoria
2012Greg Moore, John Scheirs & Paul VinceSouth Australia
2013Antony TruemanVictoria
2014Graeme GeorgeQueensland
2015Tony Wells & Robert MelchersNewcastle
2016Patricia Shaw & Nick MarstonNew Zealand