Award Criteria

The Corrosion Medal is The Australasian Corrosion Association’s most prestigious award.

It is bestowed for outstanding scientific or technological work in the field of corrosion in Australasia or Meritorious contributions in Australasia to the mitigation of corrosion.

The Corrosion Medal

Nomination and Selection Procedures

Award Winners

1961Prof A E JenkinsNew South Wales
1962T MarshallNew Zealand
1963Dr W T DenholmSouth Australia
1964Dr H WornerNewcastle
1965F HowardNew South Wales
1966F G LewisVictoria
1967H A LaurieNew South Wales
1968C J SchaferNew Zealand
1969M C McKenzieVictoria
1970D O MorrisNewcastle
1971A G SussexVictoria
1972Prof G R WallworkNew South Wales
1973M A SimmondsQueensland
1974P J KnuckeyVictoria
1975Prof L H KeysNew South Wales
1976G G PageNew Zealand
1977E M WilsonNewcastle
1978J DunnVictoria
1979Prof I Mck RitchieWestern Australia
1980N R BeckwithSouth Australia
1981B M ByrneQueensland
1982Dr E C PotterNew South Wales
1983R H CaslingSouth Australia
1984Dr G A WrightNew South Wales
1985B LannenNewcastle
1986John MoresbyVictoria
1987Robert D WylesSouth Australia
1988Frank HewittWestern Australia
1989Graeme KellyQueensland
1990Ray OsborneNew Zealand
1991Brian MartinNew South Wales
1992Dr P SlatterySouth Australia
1993Dr David NicholasNewcastle
1994Les BoultonNew Zealand
1995Prof B CherryVictoria
1996Dr Bruce HintonVictoria
1997Dr Paul SchweinsbergQueensland
2000Dr John DuncanNew Zealand
2002Dr David YoungNew South Wales
2003George KingVictoria
2004Dr Ian MacleodWestern Australia
2008Willie MandenoNew Zealand
2009Prof Rob MelchersNewcastle
2010Greg MooreSouth Australia
2012Dr Robert JeffreyNewcastle
2013Maria ForsythVictoria
2016Brian KinsellaWestern Australia
2019Ivan ColeVictoria