The David Whitby Best Review Paper Award is awarded annually to the best reviewed paper either published in Corrosion & Materials or in the Annual ACA Conference Proceedings.

Award Criteria

The following is a list of some of the points which may be taken into account when selecting the paper to receive this Award. The selection committee will rank each paper on a short list against these points:

  • The paper must deal with an area of interest to ACA Members, be clearly written and easy to read.
  • The paper should include a wide and if possible a critical analysis of published material related to the topic.
  • The content of the paper must be presented in a logical format.
  • As a result of the review, the paper should concisely summarise what the challenges are in the topic and the areas that may be considered for future research.
  • The review must extend the state of knowledge for the particular topic of the reader.
  • Referencing should be in accordance with formatting requirements listed in the Author Guidelines

Award Winners

1967J B Blake
1968R Hardy & A M Sharp
1969J A BarbaroNew South Wales
1970E LytheNew Zealand
1971N E PlatellWestern Australia
1972Dr R M Hohnston & N WhiteVictoria
1973Prof J BockrisSouth Australia
1974L A Hill
1975B A Fischer
1977Dr L F G WilliamsVictoria
1978G J RoachQueensland
1979Prof L H Keys & S BukovinskyNew South Wales
1981S A Cox & B I DillonSouth Australia
1982Dr E MattssonSweden
1983D BartlettVictoria
1984G Cope & R SchaferVictoria
1985Dr J R DuncanNew Zealand
1986P FerrisQueensland
1987S GiurgiusNew South Wales
1988Dr D YoungNew South Wales
1989L Boulton & N A MillerNew Zealand
1990A G Wylie
1991W L MandenoNew Zealand
1992Prof D J YoungNew South Wales
1993Greg MooreSouth Australia
1994J BiddleQueensland
1995Mike DinonQueensland
1996Z Lourenco & T WenzelVictoria
1997K Nakamura, F Kajima, Y KoyamaJapan
1998Bruce AcklandVictoria
1999G Song
2000Andrew Peek & Warren GreenWestern Australia & New South Wales
2001Richard BrodribbVictoria
2002Ern Hemmings & Nourhan DemirdjianNew South Wales
2003David RobertsonSouth Australia
2004David NicholsNewcastle
2006Peter TrathenVictoria
2007Reza JavaherdashtiWestern Australia
2008David Nicholas & Greg MooreNewcastle & Victoria
2009Dr Rob FrancisVictoria
2010Peter DoveVictoria
2011Rajko VukcevicVictoria
2012David Nicholas, Phillip Ferguson & Matthew DafterNewcastle
2013Derek NorthwoodCanada
2014Warren GreenNew South Wales
2015Laura MachucaWestern Australia
2016Dean FergusonVictoria