The Marshall Fordham Research Paper Award is awarded annually to the best research paper either published in Corrosion & Materials or in the Annual ACA Conference Proceedings.

Award Criteria

The following is a list of some of the points which may be taken into account when selecting the paper to receive this Award.

The selection committee will rank each paper on a short list against these points:

  • The paper must deal with an area of interest to ACA Members, be clearly written and easy to read.
  • It should represent an original and novel work, and demonstrate an advance on work already published.
  • An Introduction should clearly indicate why as a result of a literature study, the work was necessary.
  • All experiments must be clearly explained with enough detail (either stated or referenced) to allow others to reproduce any data.
  • The results should be in replicate, with data clearly presented, correctly analysed and adequately discussed.
  • The conclusions must be concise and follow from the results.
  • Referencing should be in accordance with formatting requirements listed in the Author Guidelines

Award Winners

1967Prof R J MeakinsNew South Wales
1969A C KennettNew Zealand
1970Dr MillerNew Zealand
1971Dr G A Wright & P C BaileyNew Zealand
1972Miller & Prof B CherryVictoria
1973P D Mercer & G T HarveyNewcastle
1974R R M Johnston, C P Lloyd & N WhiteVictoria
1975G G Page, P C Pailey & Dr G A WrightNew Zealand
1977Dr Keith ThompsonNew South Wales
1978S WiktorekNew South Wales
1979Prof G W WallworkNew South Wales
1980Dr I Mcleod & Dr N NorthWestern Australia
1981S Wiktorel & R AshboltNew South Wales
1982B AcklandVictoria
1983B Hinton, P Trathen & H Chin QuanVictoria/New South Wales
1984P Tomas, Dr D Young, P Jackson & D Trimm
1985B R W Hinton, N E Ryan, D P Arnott, P N Trathen, L Wilson & B E WilliamsVictoria
1986L H BoultonNew Zealand
1987A AtrensQueensland
1988Dr R ColdharmVictoria
1989N E Ryan, B R W Hinton, P N Trathen, L WilsonVictoria
1990S Ramamurthy, A Atrens, R Rieck, J Gates & I SmithQueensland
1991S M Price, J H Mahoney, N V Y Scarlett, T S Chia & P G Warden
1992M Marosszeky & N GowriplanNew South Wales
1993David YoungNew South Wales
1994P Trathen, B Hinton, R Taylor, A Hughes, K Hammon
1995K Krithivasan & J TippettNew South Wales
1996A Garrett & N AhmedNewcastle
1997Janet Hughes, George King & D O'BrienVictoria
1998A Phanasgaonkor, B Cherry & M Forsyth
1999V T Truong, P K Lai, B T Moore, R F Muscat & M S Russo
2000Robert JeffreyNewcaslte
2001Peter MartVictoria
2002Robert JeffreyNewcastle
2003Brad DockerillNewcastle
2004Wayne GantherVictoria
2006Tim MusterVictoria
2007Robert MelchersNewcastle
2008Brian Kinsella & Thomas Becker
2009Mehdi BehrouzvaziriVictoria
2010Thomas Gheno, Jianquiang Zhang & David YoungNew South Wales
2011Xian ZhouVictoria
2012Igor Chaves & Robert MelchersNewcastle
2013Xian ZhouVictoria
2014Amy SparkVictoria
2015Thunyaluk PojtanabuntoengWestern Australia
2016Jianquiang ZhangNew South Wales