Logging on to the new ACA website

 As an ACA member you already have an account on this website; but you will need to set a new password to be able to access ‘member only’ content.

Get a new password



Detailed Instructions.

Approx time to complete under 5 mins.

  1. Use your email address in the ‘Get New Password‘ email window, to send yourself the ‘reset link’
  2. Within a few minutes check your email (if you can’t find it; check your spam folders)
  3.  Click the password ‘reset link’ at the bottom of that email and you will be directed to a password reset page on this site.
    Please make sure you are using a recent email as the link only lasts 24 hours
    The system will generate a strong password for you but you do not have to use it.
  4. You have now reset your password.

Logging onto the Website

1. Click the ACA Logo at the top to return to the front page

Click here to return to home page

On the right hand side of the site you will see this box


Use your email as your Username

Use your new password

Click Remember me

Click LOG IN

Once logged in the front page will change to the current member content

Please bookmark your membership site as the content changes all the time with new:

  • Video
  • Technical Articles
  • Conference Papers
  • Branch News and more..