This Award is open to any ACA member under the age of 35 who has provided a notable and significant contribution towards the ACA and to the field of Corrosion.

“Significant contribution” can be in a range of areas, ranging from academic publications and activities to ACA activities (governance, membership, fundraising, event organisation, YCG, etc.), to Corrosion education, to high-quality professional activities (including following and promoting industry best
practice or outstanding research) and to other activities aligned with the ACA and YCG’s mission goals.

Although hard to quantify; enthusiasm, initiative and leadership qualities are to be strong considerations.


Award candidates can be nominated by each Branch Committee and by the YCG Committee.
Nominations must be submitted to the ACA by the 31st August each year and must include the following details:
• Name & contact details of nominee
• Company or Institution details of the nominee
• 1-page outline stating why the person nominated deserves the award

Judging Process

The Award would be awarded only in response to nominations of outstanding candidates. Only one person can win the Award every year and there is no requirement that the Award is awarded every year.

Past Award recipients would not be eligible to receive the Award for 5 years.

The Judging Panel of the award shall consist of the Australasian President, the Executive Officer and the Branch Presidents.

The ACA Executive Officer shall forward a copy of each nomination to each member of the Judging Panel for a reply with comments to the Australasian President.

Should there be substantial support from the Branch Presidents for a particular candidate the Australasian President should give serious consideration to selecting this candidate. However, the final selection of the award recipient is the sole prerogative of the Australasian President (in consultation with the Executive Officer if so desired).

Guidelines for Eligibility for the Young Corroisonist Award

1. Must be a current financial member of the ACA, or an employee of a corporate member organisation
2. Nominees must be under the age of 35 at the time of the Conference.  There may be an exception for those that have provided exceptional and sustained service to the YCG and/or young people within the Corrosion industry, furthering the YCG’s mission goals are eligible for this Award.
3. The applicant is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
4. If requested, applicants must provide proof of age and residency/citizenship.
5. The nomination must be submitted to the ACA by the 31st August deadline, including the following details;

a. Name & contact details
b. Company or Institution details
c. 1-page outline stating why the person nominated deserves the award

6. Awards are only awarded in response to applications. If no applications have been received that the judging panel believes warrant an award, then no award shall be granted.
7. The Judging Panel’s decision is final.
8. Each award recipient will be contacted by the ACA and their names/images will appear in ACA collateral.
9. Award recipients must prepare a 250-word acceptance report; this report will be included in Corrosion & Materials.

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