Branch Operating Resources

These resources should provide your branch with all the necessary official documents, forms and guides to help maintain a healthy ACA Branch.

This is the official Operating Guide for all ACA Branches.

Branch Event Planning Resources

One of the key functions of each branch is to promote, coordinate and support our member’s professional development and networking requirements by conducting at least five events per annum (ie: technical presentations, site visits, social functions, etc). These documents are designed to assist in this process.

Brief version of event procedure.

To be completed by the committee and returned to the ACA by the end of October Each year.

Branch Event Submission Form
To be completed by the committee member responsible for organising an individual event, to assist HO with the advertising of each event. Aim to be completed 6 weeks before the intended event date.

This can also be found on the website under Your ACA > Branches > Branch Event Set Up Form.

Speaker Details Form

Share this form with your invited speakers so they can provide all their required details and opt to add them to our speaker directory.

COVID-19 Guidance For Events

The ACA’s position is to follow local requirements/regulations regarding Covid Safe Practices for any event or activity it runs. Because we operate across Australia, New Zealand and SEA, and these regulations are constantly changing, we are not issuing a document or policy outlining the requirements for each location. If you are unsure about how your local restrictions may impact an event, we recommend consulting directly with your desired venue to gauge what is viable. We also urge everyone who is involved in organising an event to keep up to date on their local government restrictions which you can find below (updated 19.11.20)

COVID-19 Restrictions

New Zealand
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia

Head Office is available to help all Branches and Technical Groups navigate the regulatory requirements in their location for any upcoming events and make recommendations where possible. If you are arranging an event, and are unsure about the local requirements/suitable local venues, please contact us and we can assist.

AGM Resources

Each ACA Branch must hold an Annual General Meeting, no later than 28th March in each year. For more details refer to ACA Bylaw 1.4.

To be distributed to all Branch Members prior to the AGM.

To be distributed to all Branch Members prior to the AGM.

To be completed at/immediately after the AGM and returned to ACA Head Office.