Corrosion and Prevention Online – Coatings and Applicators Day

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Day One

Agenda Presenter Company Title
14:00 to 14:05 Justin Rigby (Host) ATG Chairman
ATG Secretary
14:10 to 14:40 Kyle Fortune DENSO SeaShield 2020SP™ Sheet Pile Protection
14:45 to 15:20 Craig, Julian and Anthony BlastOne & GMA Changes to ISO standards and infield chloride testing demonstration
15:35 to 16:10 Lucas Grace and Mathew Slatyer Pacific Urethanes Foaming the Globe, Coating the Future
16:15 to 16:25 Justin Rigby ATG Chairperson Introduction to the Applicator Techincal Groups and Coatings Group
16:30 to 17:05 Oscar Duyvestyn AECOM The Do’s and Dont’s of tender submissions – An evaluators perspective
17:05 to 17:10 Mike Rutherford ATG Secretary Closing Remarks

Day Two

Agenda Presenter Company Title
14:00 to 14:05 Mike Rutherford (Host)
Dean Wall (Co-Host)
ATG Secretary
ATG Member
14:05 to 14:40 Andy Caddy Absafe 3 Decades at the top
14:45 to 15:20 Mark Woodford, Andrew Russell and Ian Squire Blast One and Tafe NSW Certificate III training course and SimSpray virtual reality training​ system
15:35 to 16:10 Ted Riding Jotun Australia LTD Jota Armour – Non Slip Finishes
16:15 to 16:25 Oscar Duyvestyn Coatings Group Member Introduction to the Coatings Group
16:30 to 17:05 David Johnstone International Paints Application of solvent free elastomeric polyurethane using innovative cartridge application system
17:05 to 17:10 Dean Wall ACA Chair Closing Remarks

Day Three

Agenda Presenter Company Title
14:00 to 14:05 Justin Rigby & Robert Butcher ACA Opening Remarks
14:05 to 14:40 Trevor Seewald, Mark Woodford, Matthew Rowland, Scott Simmons, Kate Dunstan, Craig Reynolds, Alan Godinho Blastone New D-Grip Interlock System and discussions on Lead Waste Management and Innovation
14:45 to 15:20 Matt O’keefe International Paints Save time and money – 2-pack high performance aerosols
15:35 to 16:10 Andrew Recker Borchers Americas, Inc Novel Inspection Technology for Proper Surface Preparation
16:15 to 16:50 Ian Blevin WOMA Surface Preparation – Hydroblasting 101
16:50 Justin Rigby & Robert Butcher ACA Close out the conference and applicator day.

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