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    Shipping and Marine

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    To represent the needs of specialist contractors in industries that serve the protection or restoration of corrosion affected structures throughout Australasia including New Zealand. These include companies and […]

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    Cathodic Protection AEC

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    Standards Representation
    The ACA currently represents its members on the following Standards Australasian technical committees:

    BD-090 – Bridge Design
    CE-023 – Utility Services In Common Trenches
    CE-025 – C […]

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    Research Technical Committee

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    Defence Technical Group

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    An ACA group for social and technical events that bring together students, young corrosion professionals and ACA veterans.

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    If you work or live in Tasmania this is the Branch for you. If you know somebody in the group you can send a friend request which will link you. Just like Facebook but without the selling of all your genetic […]

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    If you are in Victoria join this group for notifications and updates for your branch

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    Concrete Structures & Buildings

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    Water & Water Treatment Steering Committee.
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    Oil & Gas Technical Group

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    Corporate Platinum


    ATTAR delivers leading practice Engineering Testing, Training & Consulting services covering an expansive array of disciplines, including Materials Engineering, […]

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    Working toward Professional Development in Corrosion

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    This is the Education and Training group for the ACA

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    Mining Industry Technical Group

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    The purpose of this group is to bring like-minded individuals together involved in surface preparation, coating application and asset preservation. Members of the group are encouraged to post the good, bad and the […]

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    Corporate Platinum

    McElligotts has a reputation for being one of the most skilled and experienced applicator companies in Australia, and are a fully accredited ISO and PCCP Level 5 Company. McElligotts has […]

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