Our Corporate Members

The Australasian Corrosion Association is proud to be supported by over 200 organisations and business that operate all across the Asia Pacific Region.

All of our corporate members share The ACA’s vision – that corrosion is managed sustainably and cost-effectively to ensure the health and safety of the community and the protection of the environment. We work towards this goal by disseminating information, providing training in fields related to corrosion mitigation and fostering the growth of a strong professional community that shares knowledge and best practices around all things corrosion.

The support of our corporate members is vital to the strength of our association and we thank them for their ongoing commitment to our community and our members. If you’re interested in becoming a Corporate member and gaining access to ACA member benefits for your team you can find out more here.

Our Diamond Members

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Blast One

Blast One

Company Blast One

Website https://www.blastone.com.au/

Phone 1800 190 190

Jason Paterson

Jason Paterson

Company Corrosion Control Engineering

Website https://www.cceng.com.au/

Phone 1300267364

Jody Lizemore

Jody Lizemore

Company Scape Consulting

Phone (61) 07 53294725

Our Platinum Members

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Gayle Burns

Gayle Burns

Company Anode Engineering

Website https://anodeengineering.com

Scott Wallbank

Scott Wallbank

Company Freyssinet Australia

Dietmar Jurgensen

Dietmar Jurgensen

Company Qenos

Website http://qenos.com.au/

Allison Brecht

Allison Brecht

Company ASC

Website https://www.asc.com.au/

Jasmine Moey

Jasmine Moey

Company Wattyl Protective Coatings

Website https://wattylpc.com.au

Janine Jones

Janine Jones

Company Xypex Australia

Website http://xypex.com.au/

Alireza Kouklan

Alireza Kouklan

Company Mondo

Website https://mondo.com.au/

Chris Weale

Chris Weale

Company GHD

Website http://www.ghd.com/en-au/index.aspx

Markus Seitz

Markus Seitz

Company APA Group

Website https://www.apa.com.au/

Eric Bawa

Eric Bawa

Company InterGroup

Website http://www.intergroup.co.nz

Luke Menefy

Luke Menefy

Company SMEC

Website http://www.smec.com/en_au

Roger McElhone

Roger McElhone

Company AIWC

Website https://www.aiwc.com.au/

David Anderson

David Anderson

Company Universal Corrosion Coatings

Website https://www.unicc.com.au/

Raed El Sarraf

Raed El Sarraf

Company WSP

Website https://www.wsp.com/en-NZ/

Blane McGuiness

Blane McGuiness

Company Marine & Civil Maintenance

Website http://www.marineandcivil.com.au

Aaron Harland

Aaron Harland

Company INGAL

Website https://www.ingalcivil.com.au/



Company AECOM Australia

Website https://aecom.com/au/

Matthew O

Matthew O'Keefe

Company Akzonobel

Website https://www.akzonobel.com/en

Arthur Austin

Arthur Austin

Company ALS Industrial Pty Ltd

Website https://www.alsglobal.com/en-au



Company Altex Coatings Ltd

Website https://altexcoatings.com

John Martin

John Martin

Company Jemena

Website https://jemena.com.au/

Stephen King

Stephen King

Company Patch and Caulk Pty Ltd

Website http://www.patchandcaulk.com.au

Vinay Swaroop

Vinay Swaroop

Company Savcor Products Australia Pty Ltd

Website https://savcorproducts.com.au

Jean Lim

Jean Lim

Company DuluxGroup Australia

Website https://www.duluxprotectivecoatings.com.au/



Company Santos

Website http://Santos.com

Sam O’Neil

Sam O’Neil

Company Duratec

Website https://www.duratec.com.au/

Ian Loutit

Ian Loutit

Company PPG Industries Australia Ltd

Website http://www.ppgrefinish.com.au/

Paul Fortune

Paul Fortune

Company Denso Australia

Website http://www.densoaustralia.com.au/

Our Gold Members

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Richard Mumberson

Richard Mumberson

Company Independent Monitoring Consultants

Website http://www.imclive.com/

Grahame Vile

Grahame Vile

Company BAAM Consulting

Website https://www.baam.com.au/

Adam Sanders

Adam Sanders

Company Pro Powder Powdercoating

Website https://propowder.com.au/

Anthony Cobiac

Anthony Cobiac

Company Epic Energy

Website https://www.epicenergy.com.au/

Matthew Slatyer

Matthew Slatyer

Company Pacific Urethanes

Website https://www.pacificurethanes.com/



Company Batavia Blast Works

Website https://bataviablastworks.com.au/home-4/

Jonathon Dyson

Jonathon Dyson

Company BCRC Durability Consultants

Website https://www.bcrc.com.au/



Company Goldfields Protective Coatings

Website https://goldfieldspc.com.au/

Ian Godson

Ian Godson

Company Infracorr

Website https://www.infracorr.com/

Sam Sameem

Sam Sameem


Website https://www.arllabservices.com.au/

David Sloan

David Sloan

Company Advisian

Website https://www.advisian.com/en

David Pocock

David Pocock

Company Airblast Australia

Website http://www.Airblast.com.au

Jane Death

Jane Death

Company Pensar Infrastructure

Website https://pensar.com.au/

Raymond Ellis

Raymond Ellis

Company RMP Abrasive Blasting

Website https://protectivecoating.com.au/

Tony Giufre

Tony Giufre

Company Transport & Main Roads



Company Absafe Pty Ltd

Website http://www.absafe.com.au

Shaun McGowan

Shaun McGowan

Company Altitude Resurfacing Limited

Website https://altituderesurfacing.co.nz/

Graeme Cooney

Graeme Cooney

Company Mobile Conveying Services

Website https://www.mobileconveyors.com.au/

Guy Liyanarachi

Guy Liyanarachi

Company Wagon Paints Australia Pty Ltd

Website http://www.wagonpaints.com.au

Johan Jankowitz

Johan Jankowitz

Company Logsys Power Services

Website https://logsys.com.au/

Lauren Mooney

Lauren Mooney

Company Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Website https://www.dbct.com.au/

Thomas Pope

Thomas Pope

Company A S Harrison & Co

Website https://asharrison.com.au/

Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy

Company Murphys Spray & Blast Equipment

Website http://www.sprayandblast.com.au

Fairview Solutions

Fairview Solutions

Company Fairview Solutions

Website http://www.fairviewsolutions.com.au

Fady Bechara

Fady Bechara

Company Renfay Projects

Website https://renfayprojects.com.au/

Juan Gasco

Juan Gasco

Company Unex Aparellaje Electrico

Website http://www.unex.net

Shane Tregear

Shane Tregear

Company Rezitech Services Pty Ltd

Website http://www.rezitech.com.au

Alex Ingram

Alex Ingram

Company SRG Global

Website https://www.srgglobal.com.au/

Our Silver Members

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Wayne Ganther

Company CSIRO

Website https://www.csiro.au/en/

Graham Rutherford

Company GPR Electrical (WA) Pty Ltd

Gavin Telford

Company Illawarra Industrial Supplies

Website https://www.industrialsupplies.com.au/

Geoff Lindrea

Company Rotafab Asset Maintenance

Website http://www.rotafab.com.au/

David Celine

Company Omniflex

Website https://www.omniflex.com/

Darren Oliver

Company Oliver Technologies

Website https://olivertechnologies.com.au/home

Paul Bistrup

Company Abrasiflex

Website http://abrasiflex.com.au/

Dorthe Svarrer

Company Olympus

Website https://www.olympus.com.au/


Company Vinsi Partners

Website https://www.vinsi.com.au/


Company RKF Engineering Services

Website https://rkfes.com/

Ben Shoveller

Company Slabtec

Website http://www.slabtec.com.au

Mike Newland

Company Automotive Colours

Website https://www.automotivecolours.co.nz/

Peter Farinha

Company Extrin Consultants

Peter Morgan

Company Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd

Website http://www.rhinolinings.com.au

David Hemopo

Company Nukote Australia

Website http://www.nukoteaustralia.com

Richard Brodribb

Company M Brodribb PTY LTD

Website https://www.brodribb.com.au/

Peter Golding

Company Galvanizers Association of Australia

Website https://gaa.com.au/

Fred Andrews-Phaedonos

Company VicRoads Technical Services


Company Melbourne Water

Website https://www.melbournewater.com.au/

Phill Dravitski

Company Inspection & Consultancy Services Ltd

Website http://theconsultants.co.nz/

Ulf Kreher

Company Aurecon

Website https://www.aurecongroup.com/

Geraldine Pedersen

Company Water Corporation

Website https://www.watercorporation.com.au/

Our Bronze Members

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David King

Company Modern Maintenance Products

Website https://www.paintcoatings.co.nz/

Henk van den Heuvel

Company Andersal

Website https://www.andersal.com.au/


Company Core Water Management Solutions

Website http://corewater.com.au/


Company Valicote

Website https://valicote.com.au/

Eddie Nicol

Company Independent Maintenance Services

Website https://imsltd.com.au/

Clinton Watson

Company First Gas

Website https://firstgas.co.nz/

Brendan Procter

Company Zinfra

Website https://www.zinfra.com.au/


Company Acacia Corrosion Control

Website https://www.acaciacc.com.au/

Allan Collop

Company Liquigas

Website https://www.liquigas.co.nz/

Tony Janas

Company Powerlink QLD

Website https://www.powerlink.com.au/

Chris Hartwig

Company Korvest

Website https://www.korvest.com.au/

David Haynes

Company Orrcon Steel

Website https://www.orrcon.com.au/


Company SICC Services

Website https://siccservices.com.au/

Steven Pugliese

Company AUSVIC

Website https://www.ausvic.com.au/

Darren Kelly

Company Asclear

Website https://www.asclear.com.au/

Deakin University

Company Deakin University

Website https://www.deakin.edu.au/


Company Pacific Remedial

Website http://pacificremedial.com.au/

Michael Dunn

Company Corrosion Electronics PTY LTD

Website https://www.corrosionelectronics.com.au/

Dom Carbone

Company Complete Steel Projects

Website https://www.completeprojects.com.au/

Andrew Martin

Company Rightway Industrial

Website https://www.rightwayindustrial.com.au/

Vincent Stafrace

Company Pro Digitek

Website https://www.prodigitek.com/

David Collinson

Company ITW Construction Asia Pacific

Website https://www.itwcap.com/

Tracey Sherman

Company Transpower

Website https://transpower.co.nz/


Company Queensland Sugar

Website https://www.qsl.com.au/


Company Cameleon

Website https://www.cameleon.com.au/

Graeme Gummow

Company G Squared Solutions

Website https://www.g2sol.com.au/


Company Dulux NZ

Website https://www.dulux.co.nz/

Michael Jarosz

Company SEA Gas

Website https://seagas.com.au/

Stuart Richardson

Company DellaCorda Specialist Services Pty Ltd

Peter Atkinson

Company Gisborne Abrasive Blast & Coatings

Robert Bamber

Company AMCG

Website https://amcg.co/

XGen Coatings Pty Ltd

Company XGen Coatings Pty Ltd

Website https://www.xgencoatings.com.au/

Peter Wade

Company Energy Safe Victoria

Website https://esv.vic.gov.au/

Mark Rigg

Company AMAC Group

Website https://www.amacgroup.com.au/

Brent Linde

Company Cathodic Anodes Australasia

Website https://www.cathodicanodes.com.au/

Johann Triebe

Company Corrotek Consultants

Website http://corrotek.com.au/

Ry Collier

Company Methanex NZ

Website https://www.methanex.com/location/new-zealand

Timothy Hamblin


Company New Zealand Steel LTD

Website https://www.nzsteel.co.nz/

Gordon Fuller

Company BP Refinery (Kwinana) Pty Ltd

Website https://www.bp.com/

Alen Lu

Company Origin Energy

Website https://www.originenergy.com.au/


Company Inductabend

Website https://www.inductabend.com.au/

Oliver Kirk

Company Access Industrial

Website https://www.accessindustrial.net.au/

Ray Delaney

Company CAPPA CM

Website https://www.cappacm.com.au/

Vyt Garnys

Company CETEC

Website https://www.cetec.com.au/

(WGA) Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

Company Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

Website https://wga.com.au/

Brad Iannello

Company Stella Industrial

Website https://www.stellaindustrial.com.au/

Amjad Awan

Company ATCO

Website https://www.atco.com/en-au.html

Steve Durling

Company SRS Specialised Remediation Services

Website https://srs.net.au/

Tony Testone

Company Sydney Trains

Jeremy Mikoz

Company MJH Engineering Limited

Website https://www.mjh.co.nz/

Clive Jones

Company ArmorGalv

Website https://armorgalv.com.au/


Company Future Fuels CRC

Website https://www.futurefuelscrc.com/

Jim Hickey

Company Ausgrid

Website https://www.ausgrid.com.au/

Jeanette Martin

Company NDT Equipment Sales

Website https://www.ndt.com.au/

Sam Coady

Company RM Watson Pty Ltd

Website http://www.rmwatson.com.au

Jarrod Goodes

Company DooGood Surface Coatings Pty Ltd

Website https://doogood.com.au/

Brian Kaye

Company duoguard Australia

Website http://www.duoguard.com.au

Ben Dahl

Company Rohrback Cosasco Systems Pty Ltd

Website http://www.cosasco.com



Website http://WWW.MIROTONE.COM

Justin Rigby

Company Remedy Asset Protection

Website http://www.remedyap.com.au

Eden Di sipio

Company The Dasma Group

Website http://www.dasma.com.au

Murray Robinson

Company Dialog Fitzroy Ltd

Website http://www.dialog.com


Company Department of Defence

Website http://www.defence.gov.au

Ian Ellis

Company Metz Specialty Materials Pty Ltd

Website http://www.metz.net.au

Ben Threlfall

Company Precision Laser Cleaning

Website http://www.precisionlasercleaning.com.au

Chris McBain

Company Acacia Electrical NT Pty Ltd

Daniel Manchester

Company Australian Maritime Systems Group Ltd

Website http://www.ams.group


Company Pipe Lining & Coating Pty Ltd

Website http://www.pipelining.com.au

Salvatore Iliano

Company MAXCIM

Website http://www.maxcim.com.au

Candice Blackney

Company City West Water

Website https://www.citywestwater.com.au/

Michael Suttie

Company Zincodic Australia Pty Ltd

Website http://www.zincodic.com.au

Jon Byrnes

Company Ausgroup Industrial Services

Website http://www.ausgroupind.com.au

Josh Thompson

Company Wholesale Paint Group

Website http://www.wholesalepaintgroup.com.au

Kate Ansell

Company Polaris Engineering Services Pty Ltd

Website http://www.polarisengineering.com.au

Jonathan Saint

Company MOBILTEX Data Ltd.

Website http://www.mobiltex.com

Christoph Reithmeier

Company Mend Building

Website http://www.mendbuilding.com.au


Company Doito Pty Ltd

Website http://www.doito.com.au/

Ian Blevin

Company WOMA (Australia) Pty Ltd

Website http://www.woma.com.au


Company Clarkes Painting Services

Peter Dukino



Website http://www.highline.nz

Narendra Tripathi

Company Transport for NSW (TfNSW)

Website https://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/

Daniel Caruana

Company Danrae Group

Website https://www.danraegroup.com.au/

Lorraine Duffy

Company Hitech Industrial Services

Website http://www.hitechindustrial.com.au

Stephen Martin

Company Powerlink Queensland

Website https://www.powerlink.com.au/

Zak Tahana

Company Caltech Unipessoal LDA (Timor Leste)

Website https://www.caltechtimor.com/

Campbell Addison

Company Savcor ART Pty Ltd

Website https://www.savcorart.com.au/

James Oliver

Company Pilbara Powder Coating

Website http://www.pilbarapowdercoating.com.au

Rod Fitchett

Company Covestro Pty Ltd

Website https://www.covestro.com.au/en


Company DH Corrosion-DPC Coatings


Company Department of State Growth Tasmania

Website https://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/

Stephen Clapham

Company Metrocorp Technolgoies

Website https://metrocorp.com.au/

Craig Meng

Company INTEGRAL Engineering Pty Ltd

Website https://www.integraleng.com.au/

Andrew Twining

Company Tcorr Inspection

Website https://www.tcorr.com.au/

Jarrod Woolnough

Company OSD – A Verbrec Company

Website https://osdpipelines.com/

Brad McCoy

Company McCoy Engineering

Website https://mccoyengineering.com.au/

Colin Murphy

Company Hychem International Pty Ltd

Website http://www.hychem.com.au


Company Diagnostech Pty Ltd

Website https://www.diagnostech.com.au/

Richard McManus

Company Orontide Alphablast Pty Ltd

Website https://www.orontide.com.au/

Steve Gilbert


Website ampol.com.au

John Andreatta

Company Steelmains

Website https://www.steelmains.com/


Company Tasports

John O'Connell

Company Preservation Technologies Pty Ltd

Website http://www.prestech.com.au

Martin van Rooyen

Company Lumen

Website https://www.lumen.net/

Ross Antunovich

Company Refining NZ

Website https://www.refiningnz.com/


Company AWBell Pty ltd.

Website https://www.awbell.com.au/

Jason Matthews

Company Grit Engineering

Website https://gritengineering.co.nz/

Zhengwei Li

Company BRANZ Ltd

Website https://www.branz.co.nz/


Wayne Angus

Company Undersea Construction Ltd.

Website https://www.underseaconstruction.co.nz/

Simon Ghobrial


Website http://www.anticorrosiontechnology.com/


Company Wellington Water

Website https://www.wellingtonwater.co.nz/

Wayne Edwards

Company Bundaberg Sandblasting

Website https://www.bundabergsandblasting.com.au/

Chris Mclean


Website http://www.pertoleumsolutions.com.au


Company Osborne Cogeneration

Website https://www.atco.com/en-au/for-business/power.html

Danny Bernard

Company ACE Remedial Services Pty Ltd

Website https://www.aceeng.com.au/

Wayne Thomson

Company PFP Systems

Website https://www.pfpsystems.com/

Aaron O'Gorman

Company Halo Tech Pty Ltd

Website https://www.halotech.com.au/

Chris Sweetnam

Company Multicoat Pty Ltd

Website https://www.multicoat.com.au/

Matthew Dafter

Company Hunter H2O

Website https://www.hunterh2o.com.au/

Stefan Danek

Company DST Group

Website https://www.dst.defence.gov.au/

Kamran Armin

Company Australian Fluid Handling – Renroc ESP

Website https://www.afhpl.com.au

George Mathew

Company Aerison Pty Ltd

Website aerison.com

Chay Taccori

Company Rope Access Technicians

Website ropeaccess.com.au

Elsa Gomes

Company Costin Roe Consulting Pty Ltd

Website https://www.costinroe.com.au/

Michael Di Cristo

Company EpiMax

Website https://www.epimax.com.au/

Paul Hiron

Company Esso Australia Pty Ltd