PIEA Part 1 Expression of Interest

$110.00 inc GST

Congratulations on your decision to enter your project in Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) –
Project and Innovation Excellence Awards (PIEA) 2019.

ACA recognises outstanding achievement in providing and implementing corrosion prevention
solutions that make an invaluable contribution to uplift the economy, community and protect the
environment. The PIEA inspire and encourage distinction through teamwork, innovation, and
technical excellence.



The PIEA 2019 provides tangible benefits for entrants through a range of promotional activities.
Excellence, distinction, merit, perfection and quality are the characteristics that winning entries
The PIEA is an Australasian awards programme for contractors and industry professionals. To enter
the PIEA, entrants are required to submit project nominations to the ACA programme contact in
accordance with the entry handbook requirements.

Total Cost of Entry

$110 inc GST for Expression of Interest

$550 inc GST for final submission

Total $660 inc GST


“Add to cart” and checkout to access the application form.

You can then access the application form from within your dashboard at any time

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