VIC Branch Iridium Plus One Pass

$288.00 inc GST

Pay for a year’s worth of branch event, including a guest for the Round Table and Christmas Party, in one easy transaction.


The Iridium Pass is an all-access pass to every VIC branch event for the year for ACA members.

This represents the combined ticket prices for all events, including catered technical evenings, the Christmas party function and the Round Table Dinner. All with a 10% discount which can be purchased in one easy transaction.

The Iridium Plus One Pass also allows for the free registration of a guest to the VIC Branch Round Table and the Christmas Party.
When you purchase an iridium pass, you receive a personalised discount code that can be used when registering for any VIC branch event for the remainder of the year.

If you would like to purchase a basic Iridium Pass (without a guest for Roundtable and Christmas) click here.

Please note:

Registration is still required for each individual event, as numbers are often limited and attendee details are required by venues. But you will be able to use your discount code to gain a 100% discount to any event, so no extra charges will be incurred throughout the year.

When you are registering to attend with your iridium pass, you may only register one attendee per transaction.

Each Iridium Pass may only be used by a single member, they are non-transferrable. The discount code may only be used to register the member whose name the pass is in.

If you wish to register for friends/colleagues who do not have an iridium pass, you must register them in a separate transaction.

If you have any questions surrounding the Iridium pass, what it includes or how it works, please contact ACA head office on +61 3 86087900.