Technical Publications

The ACA also publishes a range of technical publications (some available free for members only to view or download) which include:

Corrosion Challenges Report: In 2010 the ACA produced a report on the impact of failure of infrastructure assets through corrosion as a result of current practices and skilling in the Australian mainland urban water and Naval defence sectors.
Download:Corrosion Challenges – TOR & Sector Report

Corrosion Technology Technical Publication Series: this series of publications provide an understanding of how and why corrosion happens, how it manifests itself and how the relevant methods of corrosion prevention and control operate.

Inorganic Zinc Coatings Technical Publication – 2nd Edition: this publication includes a variety of papers including a copy of Nightingall’s original Australian patent. While the papers concentrate on inorganic zinc silicate (IZS) coatings, some branch into related subjects such as galvanizing and epoxy zincs and issues such as performance of top coats over zinc coatings.

Conference Proceedings: published papers from past ACA conferences can be searched online or purchased.

ACA members can access a 25% discount on NACE International publications. NACE International publishes magazines, a technical journal, targeted newsletters, compilations, and books in print and digitally covering all aspects of corrosion prevention and control. For more information, please visit ACA members must place an order through the NACE Customer Service at +1 281 228 6223 or by email at identifying themselves as an ACA member.

ACA members can access a 30% discount on European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) Publications. For further information visit ACA members are required to disclose membership of the ACA (ACA is a member organization of EFC) while placing an order.