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The ACA can present any of its courses exclusively for an organisation. We can tailor the course to your organisations specific needs.

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The Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) presents a range of technical seminars and training courses designed to provide attendees with information and guidance about ways to combat and manage corrosion. These training courses are applicable to a variety of industries and cover the fundamentals of corrosion control through to more advanced techniques and procedures. Participants will have the knowledge and tools to offer the most effective solutions — extending the service life of equipment and maximising the use of a facility — to asset owners and managers.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Course

The popular Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector course has been designed to train individuals to assess whether a fabricated steel article is suitable for the hot dip galvanizing process and to correctly inspect galvanized structures to ensure regulatory compliance.
The content has been designed to give graduates the equivalent level of training as corrosion inspectors and has been developed in conjunction with the Galvanizers Association of Australia (GAA). “Galvanizing inspectors must learn the questions they need to ask to check if a process is compliant,” said Peter Golding, the GAA’s CEO. “These must cover the three parts of the galvanizing process of a structure — before, during and after — that an inspector sees.”

Amongst other topics, the course covers local and international hot dip galvanizing standards, design considerations for inspection before galvanizing, and the metallurgy of the hot dip galvanized coating including the effect of steel chemistry and surface conditions.


This is the world’s most recognised and specified coating inspection certification program. The program trains coating professionals to properly inspect and certify the surface preparation and application of a protective coating system on a variety of structures in any industry.

Conducted in partnership with NACE International, the Level 1 course covers the basic technology of coating application and inspection during 60 hours of personal instruction, providing both the technical and practical fundamentals for coating inspection work on structural steel projects. The Level 2 course focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialised application and in-depth coverage of surface preparation, coating types, inspection criteria and failure modes.


We run the full series of NACE Cathodic Protection Programs

CP 1– CP4 series.