Duration: 6 Days

The CP 3—Cathodic Protection Technologist Course builds on the technology presented in the CP 2 – Cathodic Protection Technician course.

Who Should Attend: Persons who have extensive CP field experience and a strong technical background in cathodic protection.

Course Content:

  • Understand activation, concentration and resistance polarization and the mathematical expressions of these concepts
  • Factors that affect polarization (area, temperature, relative movement, ion concentration, oxygen concentration)
  • Understand the concept of current distribution and be able to determine ideal current distribution for a CP system taking into account the factors affecting current distribution (anode-to-cathode separation distance, electrolyte and structure resistivity variation, current attenuation)
  • Perform advanced cathodic protection testing using correct measurement techniques to monitor CP system performance and accurately interpret the data collected to ensure optimum CP system performance.
  • Identify errors in data collection/CP measurements including contact resistance errors, voltage drop errors and, reference electrode errors
  • Conduct and document interference tests where stray currents are suspected to determine if interference exists and identify the source of the interference
  • Upon determination of interference, identify and implement a method of control that will mitigate the effects of the stray current
  • Design and install simplistic forms of galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection facilities and perform the necessary mathematical calculations

Course Format: 6 Day Classroom Course

Course highlights:

  • Theoretical concepts and practical application of cathodic protection with a strong focus on interpretation of CP data
  • CP troubleshooting and mitigation of problems that might arise in both galvanic and impressed current systems.


    • Strong algebra background
    • Basic understanding of trigonometry and geometry (recommended)

Prerequisites for Certification:
To achieve certification for NACE Cathodic Protection CP3 Technologist there are prerequisites, for more information please click HERE