Last year, the ACA made the decision to adopt the NACE International Cathodic Protection Program. NACE CP 1 & 2 courses are now scheduled. For more information refer to the Cathodic Protection course listing.

NACE International Cathodic Protection Program

The NACE Cathodic Protection (CP) Program is a comprehensive program for professionals in any industry including pipelines and bridges, tanks and well casings, the maritime and offshore industries, coated steel and concrete, and water and wastewater systems.

The NACE CP Program consists of :

CP 1: Tester
CP 2: Technician
CP 3: Technologist
CP 4: Specialist

For full course information click on Cathodic Protection in the course list. For Certification Pathway Information click HERE
Which Course is Best for Me? Especially if I Have Attended an ACA CP Course.

There are a number of key differences between the NACE and ACA courses, for example a large component of the NACE CP 1 & 2 courses is practical testing. The ACA has developed An Introduction Guide to assist members to decide which course is most likely suited if they have undertaken an ACA CP course and wish to register for a NACE course.