Claiming your Badge

We recently issued Credly digital badges for:

  • ACA Corrosion Technologists
  • ACA Corrosion Technicians

Quick Claim Method

  1. Follow the link to Credly in the email you received from
  2. Create a Credly account using email and a password of your choosing
  3. You will then be logged into your new Credly account and your new credential will be under the ‘Claim’ section
  4. Claim your badge
  5. You can then share it, print it or email it from the share icon

Full details are available on Credly

Do you have to claim your badge?

No. Your certification record is part of the ACA system and is not reliant on you claiming your badge. It is not required to have your badge appear on the ACA website.
You do not have to create a Credly account unless you want to share your badge.

Who are Credly?

Credly and Acclaim are the most comprehensive global solution suite for recognising skills, capabilities and achievements, reaching everywhere learning takes place and skills are assessed.

Credly is leading the digital credential movement, making talent more visible and opportunity more accessible.

Why Digital Credentials

Your certification badge is issued by the ACA and then distributed using the globally accessible and trusted Credly digital certificate store.

It gives you the ability to share your hard earned ACA Certification easily and quickly.

Your Printed Certificate

This is provided directly from the ACA head office and must include the ACA seal


You no longer have to worry about carrying a card with you, replacing a card or expiry dates.

As long as your membership is current then your certification will remain current and you can access it at anytime.

Issue Date

This is the date of this digital credential. We cannot backdate the credential to when you first attained the printed ACA certificate.

Can’t find the email?

When you login to the ACA website you will see your credentials on the right hand side of the window

Hover over your badge and click the little grey box, next to it. This popup will appear.

This will take you to the Credly account creation page and you can continue from there.

Will I still get my wallet card?

Absolutely. For now the ACA will continue to issue your printed wallet card each time you renew your membership with the ACA.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the ACA on

+61 3 9890 4833 or