ACA Coatings Inspectors

The list below contains the names of qualified ACA Coatings Inspectors who have satisfied the requirements to be issued with an ACA Coatings Inspection Certificate and who have ‘refreshed’ their certificate within the 5 year time frame required by the ACA Council. Some inspectors have cross-accredited to the internationally recognised NACE Coatings Inspection Program. In those cases, the validity of their ACA certification has been reconfirmed.

NameCert. No.Expiry Date
Alan Lee353931/12/2022
Alistair MacKenzie419131/12/2022
Andrew Aidulis140431/12/2020
Andrew Martin54531/12/2022
Anthony Heuthorst229731/12/2022
Basyl Jakimow323031/12/2020
Ben Biddle127931/12/2020
Bradley Marsh323231/12/2020
Brett Meredith221831/12/2021
Brian Harris105431/12/2018
Charles Wheeler394331/12/2020
Clayton Henry159531/12/2017
Clifford Parkes360731/12/2020
Clinton Iliffe403431/12/2022
Craig Williams417631/12/2020
Daniel Lillas359730/12/2022
Dave Elder15531/12/2022
David Lepelaar335631/12/2022
Dennis O’Loughlin735331/12/2017
Dennis Tremain103631/12/2022
Derek Allen387031/12/2020
Don Herrigan403331/12/2020
Dragan Stevanovic296031/12/2022
Eric Norman734031/12/2017
Frank Hiron288831/12/2018
Garry Matthias148131/12/2021
Gary Abbott408031/12/2020
Gary Smith251231/12/2019
Geoffrey White7531/12/2021
Graeme Kelly72131/12/2017
Graham Porten225731/12/2019
Harold Burkett36131/12/2022
Ian Clark25531/12/2022
Jason Bourke259731/12/2019
Jeffrey Hurst174631/12/2018
Jerry Forslind112931/12/2021
John Cooke323531/12/2022
John Mitchell104231/12/2017
Jonathan Mace403531/12/2021
Joseph Kowal55331/12/2022
Kamran Armin423231/12/2021
Kerry Cooper248331/12/2022
Kevin Sellars735231/12/2017
Laurence Snook152631/12/2017
Leonard Kong353831/12/2022
Lorraine Pidgeon151331/12/2017
Luis Carro221231/12/2017
Mark Weston88331/12/2017
Mervyn Perry26831/12/2022
Micah Butt239731/12/2022
Michael Boardman105131/12/2017
Michael Crowley419731/12/2017
Michael Johnstone296431/12/2018
Michael Sillis84431/12/2022
Narend Lal335531/12/2019
Neil Alan Lewis259831/12/2018
Neil Stewart135831/12/2018
Nick Edwards199231/12/2020
Paul Hunter298831/12/2022
Paul Vince735531/12/2022
Peter Atkinson323431/12/2022
Peter Hart131/12/2021
Peter Luke379531/12/2019
Peter McCormack435331/12/2017
Peter Nicholson408631/12/2020
Peter Sutton318331/12/2017
Phill Dravitski159331/12/2022
Phillip Foster225431/12/2019
Ray Grose295631/12/2022
Rob Francis72031/12/2017
Robert de Graaf71931/12/2022
Robert Freedman7631/12/2021
Robert Glover136231/12/2022
Robert Johnson262531/12/2018
Rod Cockle141031/12/2022
Roger Kearney112131/12/2018
Rohan Healy318431/12/2017
Roman Dankiw87231/12/2021
Russell Tierney200031/12/2020
Sean Anthony Burke342831/12/2022
Shane White286931/12/2021
Shivanna Rudresh20022121/02/2022
Spencer Macsween317031/12/2017
Stephen Nixon225631/12/2022
Steve Dyer387931/12/2020
Steven Storey317631/12/2022
Stuart Bayliss24731/12/2022
Todd Elkin340231/12/2020
Tony Evans208631/12/2022
Tony Mans323331/12/2022
Tony Ridgers42131/12/2020
Tracey Sherman182931/12/2022
Trevor Baensch221131/12/2020
Trevor Smith103531/12/2017
Vic Monarca205331/12/2021
Wayne Ferguson89331/12/2017
Wayne Gray360631/12/2019
Wessel Mulder735131/12/2022
William Dunn338631/12/2022
Willie Mandeno121631/12/2022

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The Australasian Corrosion Association Incorporated does not accept any responsibility for any consequences which may arise from the use of this information. Those wanting to engage a Coatings Inspector should rely on their own judgement and if necessary seek other advice as to whether the person has suitable work experience and references for the work proposed.

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