ACA Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Program

ACA/GAA Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Program (HDG)

The objective of this two-day course is to train individuals to correctly assess the suitability of fabricated steel articles for the hot dip galvanizing process and to correctly inspect hot dip galvanized steel articles to ensure compliance to Australian, New Zealand and international Standards.

Course Highlights

  • An introduction to corrosion and its prevention
  • Local & international hot dip galvanizing Standards
  • Design considerations for inspection before galvanizing
  • The hot dip galvanizing process
  • Metallurgy of the hot dip galvanized coating
  • The effect of steel chemistry and surface conditions
  • Repair of damaged and uncoated areas of galvanized steel
  • Inspection of jobs before, during and after galvanizing
  • Development of inspection and test plans
  • Statistical sampling for Test Reports
  • Practical testing of real project items

what’s included:

  • All course materials
  • Full catering
  • Examination materials

Upcoming Courses

Event Venue Date
ACA Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Program | NSW | Aug 23-24 2022 Valmont Coatings (NSW)
  • August 23, 2022 8:00 am
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