NACE Cathodic Protection Level 1

NACE Cathodic Protection Level 1 (CP1) – Tester

The Cathodic Protection Tester course presents students with theoretical knowledge and practical fundamentals for testing on both galvanic and impressed current CP systems.

Cathodic Protection Tester course presents CP technology to students entering the cathodic protection industry.

5 Days

Personal instruction and

Practical Examination
Theory Examination

All course materials
Full catering
Testing materials

*Additional Ethics eCourse provided by NACE may be required to complete certification*


Course Highlights

  • Basics of electricity, electrical laws, electrochemistry, corrosion and CP theory
  • Polarity related to current flow and metal corrosion activity
  • Conduct tests to identify shorts and continuity tests in CP systems
  • Use test instruments to perform a variety of field tests such as Structure-to-soil potentials, voltage and current measurements, soil
  • Resistivity, pipe/cable locating and rectifier readings
  • CP components including impressed current systems, galvanic anodes and test stations
  • Read shunts and understand their use in rectifiers, bonds, and anodes
  • Perform periodic surveys to confirm the effectiveness of a CP system Reference cells, their maintenance, use, and precautions
  • Basic location mapping, report preparation, and record keeping
  • Review safety issues snd code requirements specific to CP

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