Virtual Classrooms

The ACA delivers all virtual and blended courses using high definition sound and video streamed live via our private streaming service which makes the long sessions easier on our students.

You will need at least a computer and Internet connection that can:

  • Comfortably stream at 1080p or 720p
  • A microphone
  • A basic webcam
  • A recent web browser ( see below for supported)

If you can watch this video with no lag or skips in full screen you will be able to follow the course via our live stream.

To get the best from this course , please use a laptop or desktop


There is a lot of material to get through during the course but we do include extra 10 minute breaks during the course, in addition to the usual breaks to give your eyes a break

Interactive sessions

We have variable Internet quality in Australasia so we run our classes slightly differently to NACE USA Zoom sessions.


Chat is attached to the stream and is running all the time . The lecture will answer your questions as soon as possible or defer them to the end of stream session.

Conference Sessions

We use a secure and reliable e-learning system specifically designed for classroom presentations. We will ask you to login into this session as well as watching the stream. The lecturer will let you know when they are moving to the interactive session. These are normally before or after a break on the stream

Technical Help

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the technical presentation there is a ACA IT person in the session to help you out.

Tips and Tricks

  • Turn off Windows update or pause it for a while.
  • Don’t have multiple windows of browser tabs open on your computer
  • Keep other Internet usage in the house down to a minimum
  • Make sure you have turned off any VPN connections or extensions
  • Test your webcam before we start
  • To avoid feedback, please use a headset or earphones.

Supported Web Browsers

Chrome (download latest)Yes
Firefox (download latest)Yes
Internet Explorer No
Android phone/tabletPartial
Operating SystemSupport
Windows 7/10Yes
Windows XP and earlierNo

We look forward to seeing you